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"This MedSpa is great for anyone looking to get injection experience, as almost no one hires nre injectors without YEARS of experience. The owner is approachable and warm and does her best to help you succeed. She is very knowledgeable in this industry and has helped me kickstart my new journey into aesthetics."

- Amanda Bailey RN

One Month Free Hands-On Training

Our medical doctor teaches the 3 light modality classes required by the medical board. After taking the class, the student is given 3 certificates that are signed and notarized by our MD. These are the 3 certificates that must be included with the application that is sent to the Georgia Medical Board.


Once the student is a Cosmetic Laser Practitioner and can legally fire the laser, they are invited to come receive ONE MONTH of FREE hands-on training. Absolutely no other school has this opportunity! Professionals who have prior experience in laser do not have to attend the Free hands-on. But in Georgia, they are required to have the 3 certificates to include with their application with the Georgia Medical Board.


Most businesses require 2 years of experience before they will hire someone. So we decided to offer our students more experience with our laser techs at no additional cost.

Laser Hair Removal Training in Atlanta, GA

LIMITED TIME ! If you attend the next class it is only $900
Laser Hair Removal


Sun damage and aging skin affect 90% of spa clients. Students will learn
about the aging process, types of sun damage, and how Photo facials can
remove freckles, sun spots, rose and red tones. Estheticians who master this
technique will see repeat business and an increase in clientele.


• Laser physics and safety
• Understanding tissue interaction
• Skin typing and analysis
• Identifying the right client
• Pre and post-operative care
• Managing adverse events
• Medical terminology
• Machine settings and operation
• Treatment technique
• Performing a client consultation

​If you have any questions about our Laser Practitioner Training Course, text at (770) 605-6094

Cosmetic Laser Training in Atlanta, GA

Skin Matters Med Spa  Assistant and Senior Laser Practitioner Certification for Georgia
  • Skin Matters Med Spa has the longest-running Cosmetic Laser Training Class in Atlanta.  We have over 20 years of experience training in the medical spa industry.  Our classes offer comprehensive Assistant and Senior Practitioner Training to advance your career in the aesthetic industry. Our Physician-taught certification program provides extensive laser theory, practical training for evaluating and treating your future clients, as well as hours of hands-on instruction.
  • During the course, our Medical Director will teach laser theory and safety as well as a comprehensive approach to a laser treatment plan for your clients.
  • This course meets Georgia Medical Board Guidelines for Senior Laser Practitioner and Assistant Laser Practitioner Continuing Education Requirements.
  • Small class size to ensure plenty of individual attention and time for one-on-one instruction and to answer questions.
  • You must be 21 years old or older to participate in this course.
  • $900/student
  • Courses are available to students currently in esthetics school or graduates.  Cosmetologists and RNs are also eligible to become laser-certified.

Course Objectives
  • Overview of the Georgia Cosmetic Laser Act
  • Overview of IPL machine options
  • Qualification and requirements for laser practitioner licensure
  • IPL treatment plans and post-care
  • General information about lasers
  • Overview of what laser hair removal is and how it works
  • Laser components and parameters
  • Parameters for laser hair removal
  • Treatment parametersLaser hair removal safety
  • Overview of intense pulsed light lasers (IPL) and how it works
  • Client evaluation and discussion with client information on melanoma varieties and contraindications and how to identify them
  • Treatment protocol
  • IPL safety

Physician Instructor plus free additional hands-on training.
  • All Assistant and Senior Practitioner Training courses, from start to finish, are taught by our Medical Director.
  • Our Assistant and Senior Practitioner Training course is the very best price in all of Atlanta.  After the student has taken the laser class and has also acquired their certification with the state, students are offered an additional month to come to our office and learn hands-on, free of charge. 

Skin Matters MedSpa Intense Hands-on Training and Internship
Post Cosmetic Laser Certification classes are available for $1500
our technician offers advanced Cosmetic Laser Training.  She allows students to come to our facility and she can bring training to entire medical offices.  She can customize the training to the level of the student.  Lisa is adept at teaching all levels of medical personnel.  She charges $1500 per day. 

Cosmetic Laser and Medical Spa Internships $2500 to $3500

​In addition to offering the Cosmetic Laser Certification Class taught by a medical doctor, some students are invited to participate in an internship.  The internship includes both the Laser Certification and intense hands-on training. The cost of the internship is $2500.  After finishing this program the student will know how to do the following procedures: photo facials, laser reads and browns reduction, laser hair removal, micro-needling, RF micro-needling, laser skin tightening, Hydrafacial, HIFU ultrasonic current skin tightening, lipo laser, tag removal, cavitation, PRP microneedling in addition to other skincare services.  The internship is a 160-hour commitment.  By the end of the internship, the student will understand how to work the front and back of a medical spa and will have several hours of actual hands-on training on the services.  Some students elect to work off the cost of the internship by working in the spa at the front desk and in the back on clients.  There is an interview process for this internship and students are expected to complete the 160 hours before receiving certificates.  Skin Matters only hires staff from our interns.  It is a great way to get to know future staff and vice versa.

Please text our Techs at 770-605-6094 with any questions
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